Theresa and Georg got married a little unconventional, there was a main theme running through the wedding and that was their beloved black cat. Also the colors which they both picked, red and black, were a little different compared to the modern bright pale colors which are at the moment the gold standard for every wedding. Theresa is a hair and make-up artist, so she did her make-up by her own, and because of Georg’s profession (he is going to be a surgeon), there were heart illustrations all over the wedding papeterie.
Their „first look“ was in their kitchen and the wedding ceremony took place in an old historic cellar with a fantastic vault.
And every time and everywhere their little son was with them, laughing and smiling all over his face. They had a delicious meal with their favorite dishes, and danced the whole night long.
Often it’s not about the latest trend, it’s about you, what you like and what you expect from your wedding day and nothing else. Theresa and Georg stayed true to themselves, and if you look at their happy faces, it was the right choice.