I met Luna at a Meet-up for young professionals in NYC and since then we stayed in contact. In late July she reached out to me and asked if I could take her wedding photos. At that point the whole Covid situation was still very up and down and the possibilities for getting married in NYC changed every other week. All my booked weddings for 2020 had been canceled so far, because nobody could say when it would be okay again to be surrounded by our loved ones. But it happened that Joe and Luna’s wedding was my ONLY wedding in 2020.
So after waiting another few more weeks it was clear that Joe’s and Luna’s original plan to get married in a park only with their officiant would not work out. But as easy going as both of them are, they decided to a Zoom-Wedding.
On August 18th, I stepped in their cute little apartment in Brooklyn and was their only “real” wedding guest. Everyone else joined the wedding via Zoom, also their marriage registrar. Neko the cat was the ring bearer, there were tears of joy and emotion (of course I also had to cry a little), there was champagne and then we went on the roof-deck to do some photos. I would say that this was the most perfect Brooklyn-Wedding which I could imagine in 2020.