My lifestyle sessions capture your individual moments of happiness, satisfaction and love.
Maybe I can be part of your happiness because you are currently pregnant and you are expecting your first child and you know a lot will change now.
Maybe you feel completely satisfied, because your last kid is now in school and you want to capture this particular time of your family life.
Maybe you are in love and want to freeze every special moment of it.
Maybe you are on vacation in Switzerland with your most favorite person and want to remember this awesome time forever.
Or maybe you are self-employed like me and you need new portraits for your website or social media.

As you see in my gallery, real smiles and big hugs are common but I never overpose a shooting.

Your lifestyle session can take place wherever you want. But the place you choose should mean something to you, only in that case you (and your kids!) feel comfortable, relaxed, happy and safe.
This place can be your light-filled apartment, a brick wall next to your home where you always walk by, your favorite beach, the yearly carnival in your hometown or simply a park where you spend the last sunny hours of the day.

Now I especially offer in-home Family Lifestyle Sessions, I believe in the concept of photographing family’s, where they feel the most comfortable and safe, where they can be authentic and natural and of course this works the best in their beloved home. If you are also a believer of this amazing concept, check out my in-home Family Lifestyle section.

I love working with families, especially with children, I can’t get enough of them. It does not matter if you have a big family with four or more kids or a small one, every family is unique and I see it as my task to capture these special feelings between parents and their kids.
I always try to keep your session as stress-free as possible, so there is no hurry and enough time for a rest and I am always there to help you.

My lifestyle sessions range from 650-940 CHF. If you are interested and want to see my detailed Welcome-Guide with more information, feel free to contact me anytime.