People often ask me...


How does your booking process works?

1. Contact me using my inquiry form (click here)
2. Get your free Welcome Guide
3. Schedule and appointment
4.Your session happens!
5. Pay at the session day or after the sessions (depending which Package you have chosen)
6.Receive your online gallery and view your beautiful photos
7. Start creating your album (if your Package includes one)
8. Your album will be delivered

What time works the best for our session?

This really depends on where your session takes place. 
In-home sessions normally work the best in the morning, but again that also depends very much at your home. I only photograph with available light, so we are looking for the times in your home, when we don't have to turn the light on. I trust you to help me find the best/brightest time of the day, where we get as much light as possible for your in-home session.

If you are interested in an outdoor session, there are a couple of things to be aware of. But to be totally honest with you, you get the best light in the morning (about 2 hours following the sunrise) and two hours before sunset.But there is one big exception, when the day is overcast and the sun hides behind the clouds. Photographers love this kind of weather, in this case we don't have to be aware of the sun. Cloudy weather makes a beautiful flattering light, you will love it!

On the day of a shooting, how does it work?

If the sessions takes place in your home (which is a great idea), the first thing I will ask you to do is to show me your home.
I need this time to find the place with the best light and the best background for your shooting. From time to time I ask your kids to show me around, normally they are really proud of showing their space and „the ice is broken“. Well, then we start with the session, just having fun, cuddling around and have a good time. There is no pressure, I will direct you into the light and maybe ask you to look at certain members of your family. Of course, we will do a photo with everyone smiling at my camera but the shooting should be a little documentary of who you are and not a „who has the biggest smile“ kind of contest.
If your session is outdoors, we will do a little walk around the area. Here and there I will ask you to stop to capture special moments and again will direct you into the best light.

What happens if anyone gets sick?

That happens, especially with kids, so take your time to get healthy again. Photo shoots with sick children don't make any sense. So please let me know in time, if we have to reschedule. We will work together to find a new date which will work for all of us.

What happens if my child doesn't behave very well?

No worries, that happens. Every newborn gets hungry during a session and what are they going to do? They will cry, that is completely normal. Show me a two-year-old who loves to do everything you ask her to do. The normal answer is going to be NO. But that's how it is and it's my job to see the beauty in the chaos. And as a backup, I have a lot of tricks which I can use for toddlers.
Maybe a tip for making the shooting easier with toddlers: Wrap a little present for them (it must be wrapped – otherwise they know whats inside and they stop being curious on it) and tell them after the shooting they will get it. It's so easy, but it works.

Should I prepare something special for a newborn home shooting?

In the best case, we want the newborn calm and sleepy for the shooting. I know at some point every newborn gets hungry and needs a break and no worries: we have enough time for a lot of breaks.
So let's try to keep them awake for a bit before the shooting and then give them a decent meal (ideally in the outfit you want them to wear at the shooting) just before I arrive.

Will you retouch the photos?

All the photos are edited to meet my high standards. That includes color corrections and exposure adjustments and I do take care of small, non permanent blemishes if you want me to. But NO I won't make you skinnier, you are beautiful as you are!

What should we wear for our shooting?

That really is my most frequently asked question. Overall I have to mention, only if you feel comfortable in your outfit, it is a good outfit. But there are a few things, which I can recommend for choosing an outfit. After we have made an appointment, you will receive a detailed Preparation-Guide with tips and tricks on this topic.
If you are still not sure what to wear, I am happy to help you with this. You can always send me pictures of the outfits you have in your mind and I will let you know what I think about it.

What is the best time for the session?

Most women schedule a maternity photo shoot sometime between 28 and 32 weeks (aka the sweet spot before you’re too uncomfortable for a portrait session).
There is no need to wait until the last minute to have your maternity photos done. Rather than waiting til you are full term, if you’re feeling good and want to capture a moment in your pregnancy when you truly feel like you are “glowing,” then go ahead!